water disinfection
water disinfection, purify water for drinking, industrial wastewater treatment, Ozone technology helps reduce these toxic NOx gas


Ozone has been used to purify drinking water for over a century due to its unique disinfectant qualities and friendliness towards the environment.

The usage of onsite-generated ozone is continuously increasing around the world and its usage has advanced and is now utilised within multiple industries.

Aquaculture is a critical element of seafood production, and its importance will increase to supply the growing human population.
Ozone is a smart chemical-free disinfection method that delays mould formation naturally on perishables without leaving any residues.

The powerful characteristic of ozone is used for pre-treatment, sludge reduction, disinfection and API removal.

Ozone helps reduce NOx gases created within different industrial processes that has a direct negative influence on human health.

Ozone helps eliminate APIs and detoxifies wastewater streams in industrial settings.

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