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water disinfection, purify water for drinking, industrial wastewater treatment, Ozone technology helps reduce these toxic NOx gas

Ozone is nature’s miracle disinfectant

Ozone technology is a smart chemical-free option for treating drinking water, industrial & municipal wastewater, food & beverages and NOx reduction.

Ozone is natural, simple, safe & efficient.

Ozone is a natural gas and a powerful oxidising agent. When dissolved in water, ozone produces a wide-ranging biocide that is lethal for all bacteria, viruses and any other natural pathogen. It also oxidises iron, sulfur, manganese, hydrogen sulfate and eliminates oils among many other contaminants.

The natural oxidising agent is 51% more powerful than chlorine and acts more than 3000 times faster. When it’s done ozone simply reverts to pure oxygen leaving no by-products or residues. 

This is why ozone systems are so widely used in water treatment facilities throughout Europe and North America to clean and disinfect water instead of chemicals like chlorine. Ozone gas is the cleanest, safest and most effective natural purifier known to science.

The main benefits of ozone

Go ozone.

Go ozoniq.

Ozone Applications

Ozone has been used to purify drinking water for over a century due to its unique disinfectant qualities and friendliness towards the environment. The usage of onsite-generated ozone is continuously increasing around the world and its usage has advanced in multiple industries.

Ozone, unlike other gases, can not be collected, stored or transported due to its rapid decomposition to oxygen therefore ozone must be produced on-site. Ozone purification is a safe and low energy way to make fresh water potable but it is also an environmentally friendly way to clean industrially-abused water even in the most challenging cases.

In health care environments and during pharmaceutical production ozone can be utilised to neutralise pathogens and clean contaminated waste water. Ozone is also a smart chemical-free option for treating food, production equipment and packaging, delaying mould formation naturally minimising the need for preservatives, preventing waste and adding value to perishable items. Read more about ozone in different industries on our applications page.

”Ozone is simply put the cleanest, safest and most effective natural purifier known to science.”

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