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Ozone gas is a very potent yet natural oxidiser that is widely used in aquaculture application around the world. It is an effective method to achieve both water disinfection and improve water quality in the whole system.
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Ozone in recirculating aquaculture systems

Aquaculture is a critical element of seafood production, and its importance will increase to supply the growing human population. The advantages of RAS (recirculating aquaculture systems) is the ability to select the location, more efficient usage of water, increased environmental control and lower volumes of effluent.

Even with all the advantages that aquaculture brings, there are still specific critical points that need attention. One of such points is a potential risk for public health if the RAS system is not maintained properly.

Biological filtration, that is used to remove harmful pollutants, can be associated with biofilm formation that can grow on all the components in the RAS system. As the water is being reused and recirculated, parts of the pathogens could add to the formation of biofilm, and as a result, lead to the exposure of it to the healthy fish.

Improves water quality

Ozone is effective in eliminating pathogens and improving water quality, which inevitably leads to the improvement of the overall system.

Ozone has shown to be very efficient in the improvement of taste and odour to control and prevent the incidents of off flavours. Using ozone in the RAS systems have demonstrated to be potent in reducing geosmin (earthy flavour of the fish) concentration in the water.

Tailored solutions

Ozone gas is a very potent yet natural oxidiser that is widely used in aquaculture applications around the world. It is an effective method to achieve both disinfection and improve water quality throughout the whole system. Applying ozone in your RAS system has a number of benefits and advantages. In order to enjoy all of these, it is essential to determine the correct dosage of ozone and select the right system design. We are dedicated to creating a working ozone solution for your aquaculture application.

Ozone value in the aquaculture industry

  • Inactivation of fish pathogens
  • Improving taste and odour
  • Oxidation of organic matter, including colour and nitrates
  • Supplementing the existing water treatment process


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Our Roturi® is a unique inline gas mass-transfer system, suitable for re-equipping as well as for integration in existing operations.

It is suitable for many different gas transfer applications such as e.g. oxygenation, ozonation, aeration and others. The Roturi® gas transfer device is a key component of our Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP).

Water disinfection, industrial wastewater treatment

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