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EnviroProcess awarded by Vinnova

EnviroProcess Sweden AB to be awarded the grant in "Innovation projects for small and medium enterprises 2020" by Vinnova

“Opening the way for innovations that make a difference”- the motto of Swedish Innovation Agency – Vinnova.

It is an honour for us at EnviroProcess to be awarded the grant in “Innovation projects for small and medium enterprises 2020” by Vinnova. Out of 195 applications, our ozone division was awarded the grant for the process of “Recycling and reuse of Cooling & Process Water in the Food Industry”.

The decision was based on the following reasons:
– The project results will positively contribute to several of the Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.
– The project is based on innovation with great financial potential.
– Roles and responsibilities in the team are equally distributed between women and men.

“With this contribution, we will continue the work to complete our process, which enables a high degree of reuse of the process water and elevates food safety standards”, says Camilla Khrulova, who is behind the design of the process.
“We base our solution on an extraordinary way of dissolving ozone in the process. This, together with the fact that we adjust our process according to critical parameters in the water, makes this process clever and utterly unique”, according to Jürgen Bischhaus coordinator of the project.