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water disinfection, purify water for drinking, industrial wastewater treatment, Ozone technology helps reduce these toxic NOx gas

Enviroprocess is awarded system for pharmaceutical removal

We are stepping up the fight against emerging contaminants in wastewater! EnviroProcess was awarded the project for pharmaceutical residues' removal.
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Pharmaceuticals in wastewater  – a significant concern

A load of pharmaceuticals in municipal and hospital wastewater has grown to be a significant concern for all – industry, authorities, and us as recipients (consumers). Today’s wastewater treatment plants are designed to reduce some discharged pollutants—EnviroProcess, with its novel approach and innovative technological solution, is aimed to enhance the process to comply with new regulations.

EnviroProcess is exceptionally proud to have been awarded the project to supply the complete ozone system, including ozone injection and HRT control at the new state-of-the-art wastewater Treatment Plant HCR Syd from Hillerød Forsyning in Denmark. The project is a part of the CWPharma2 project.