water disinfection
water disinfection, purify water for drinking, industrial wastewater treatment, Ozone technology helps reduce these toxic NOx gas

Food safety comes naturally to Labridis Bros

Labridis Bros approached Ozoniq with well-defined goals. They wanted to be better able to treat recirculating water, better able to reuse water, decrease their use of chlorine dioxide – and eliminate residuals from any chlorine use still necessary for regulatory reasons.
Food safety comes naturally to Labridis Bros

The goal was to better the company’s devotion to its operating philosophy of high quality in all things. If improving food safety can also improve food quality, all the better.

Ozoniq worked with Labridis Bros to fully understand their processes and designed a tailored application that required no changes to their systems. With the Ozoniq solution, residuals have been eliminated, chorine dioxide use is reduced, and oxidization time of products has been increased considerably, lengthening their shelf life. 

The Ozoniq solution has also extended cleaning intervals for equipment from every 28 hours to once every 2-3 weeks – decreasing use of cleaning solutions and hot water and lowering operational costs significantly.

Product quality is up, maintenance time is down and food safety is secured – win, win, win.